Saturday, May 8, 2021

An adventure with dinosaurs for young


A Bahrain-based author whose stories are inspired by the lives of her children has released her second book.

Julia Inserro, whose debut children’s book Nonni’s Moon became an Amazon best-seller, has now released Pterosaur in the Hardware Store.

The American author’s latest creation was one of many stories in production during 2019, as two more are set for release later this year; My Camel Wants to be a Unicorn and Where Would Santa Go?

“I love reading and my kids give me ridiculous story inspiration practically every day,” Ms Inserro told the GDN.

“And now that I’ve figured out the process for self-published children’s books, I can’t seem to stop.”

Pterosaur in the Hardware Store came to life when the mother-of-three was shopping and watched how her children could turn a simple errand into an adventure.

“(The story is about) Leah and Milo shopping with their mum at the hardware store and they start seeing dinosaurs everywhere,” said the 49-year-old.

“They chase a stegosaurus, a velociraptor and even a T-rex.”

The 32-page book is brought to life by beautiful illustrations created by Luis Peres from Portugal, who has been described as a “dream to work with” by Ms Inserro.

She also revealed that the book’s launch on Amazon on July 16 has received “great” response.

“Readers are loving the dinosaur aspect, the adventure, the imaginative nature,” she added.

“It has something for everyone.”

Though Ms Inserro would love to have a launch event in Bahrain for Pterosaur in the Hardware Store, with two more books set for release in the coming months she said she will likely combine them all into one event.

Two further books, The Do-Over Day and Don’t Paint the Cat, are currently in production, but a release date has not been confirmed.

Pterosaur in the Hardware Store can be purchased on, either for kindle or paperback for $11.99.

A free activity book is also available at, featuring all types of fun dinosaur activities, word searches, colouring pages, crafts and more.

For details of other titles from Ms Inserro, watch this space.